What an About Us Page Says About You

Marco Biondi
3 min readMar 26, 2022


One of the best ways to let your customers learn more about your company is through the About Us page.

This is where people navigate to see what you’re all about so they can feel better connected to a brand.

As the brand itself, an About Us page is where you can afford to be more personal and give a wider picture of the company goals and mission.

It also ranks highly on web searches when Google crawls your page. So that’s a good thing too.

So what are the components of a standout About Us page?

It’s not particularly difficult to write an effective About Us page but it does require you to be open, specific and think a little outside the box.

Here are a few tips for creating an enticing About Us page:

1. Be honest, don’t exaggerate

If you’re making wildly bold claims left, right and centre your only setting yourself up for a fall down the line.

Be authentic about your position, where your company is (in terms of its successes and establishment).

Even if you’re brand new to an industry, tell people. If you act like you’re Coca-Cola it’s not going to take long for customers to figure otherwise.

2. Focus on what you bring to the table

Otherwise known as your value proposition; this is the thing that sets you apart from competitors and convinces people to choose you over them.

If you appear to be just one of many companies offering the same service, that’s when customers will side with experience and price, over value and ethics.

3. Don’t ramble, get to the point

Tell people what they want to know. Too often, the act of “storytelling” is misinterpreted as ramble on for paragraphs.

Your business exists to solve the problem of a consumer, let them know how you can do that.

4. Let customers in behind the curtain

It’s fine to add context to how your business came to be and how it operates. This isn’t rambling, it’s explaining your journey and company culture.

Customers will form an opinion of your company based on your principles and ethics, so tell ‘em! (Unless you have none in which case, just stop)

Usually, the CEO or top staff members will be highlighted here but regardless of your company setup, invite customers to feel more personally connected with details about the who, what and why of the business.

5. Give clear directions for where to go next

Like all stories, it’s great to have a point. (There’s a very subtle Plains, Trains and Automobiles reference here).

Don’t be a Chatty Cathy (oops, another one) without a clear CTA for what the customer needs to do next.

This simple addition will dramatically help conversions.

Final thoughts

Try using these simple tips to create a standout page that does more than just explaining who you are.

And if you need a hand writing the content? Get in touch to discuss the details!

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